English Rose In Paris – Pushing Boundaries

So two weeks ago, it was a ‘wrap’ with amazing photographer and good friend Ally Byrom showcasing a collection of head pieces from another amazing talent and friend By Harriet in Paris.

Harriet’s pieces are individually designed and bespoke to your individual requirements with exquisite attention to detail and Ally has the most beautiful imagery for weddings, portraits and commercial photography.

The seed for this shoot began over some amazing food and obligatory glass of wine one evening with Harriet and Ally discussing some amazing new head pieces that were in the pipeline for By Harriet.  After chatting, we decided it would be rude not to take advantage of Paris whilst I was there on my month long trip.  We also contacted the talented independent Women’s clothing designer Charlotte Lucy UK, who creates the most amazing items, I have several beautiful pieces to collaborate and she was thrilled to be involved.

So a couple of weeks passed and after a telephone conversation with Harriet and Ally for an update, they beamed that they had found our Parisian model….thrilled I was…I asked what she looked liked and if she fitted the brief, which was partly the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face..if you’ve not seen it, it is a must for Paris and Audrey lovers! They both shouted ‘YES’ on the telephone and then a long pause with a few laughs followed……yup, it was me! Holy moly! Now the pressure was really on, I’m always the one to be behind the camera, now I was going to be in front, in Paris with a host of tourists and Parisian’s watching….oh dear, can I actually do this?

Have a look for yourself at a few sneak peaks from the two day shoot, my huge thanks to By Harriet, Ally Byrom and Charlotte Lucy.

Images and copyright by Ally Byrom Photograhy.
Ally Byrom By Harriet Paris 1

Ally Byrom By Harriet Paris 4



Ally Byrom By Harriet Paris 6

Ally Byrom By Harriet Paris 2


Ally Byrom By Harriet Paris 3

Ally Byrom By Harriet Paris 5

To say this was something completely out of my comfort zone was an understatement, I remember saying to Ally whilst on the Pont Des Art Bridge with 20 or so people stood behind Ally watching, ‘my heart is about to bounce out of my chest, am I doing ok?’  I felt completely at ease with Ally and confident with her direction.

I had so much fun and looking back at the images, is this actually me?! It didnt feel like it was me at the time and looking at the images, it still doesn’t look like me, but I am so happy that I did this.  It’s important to me that this whole trip has been about self improvement, pushing boundaries and exploring opportunities of which I will never forget!  If you think that something isn’t possible, think again, because it really is and who knows where it can lead you.

More images to follow……

I heart Paris!

Victoria x


12 thoughts on “English Rose In Paris – Pushing Boundaries

  1. Wow! You did more than okay and yes it is definitely you my gorgeous friend. You look absolutely stunning and are completely rocking the Audrey look Miss Farr stylee. Gorgeous images Ally, Harriets pieces and clothing. Love!!! xxx

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